Creator of music

Among the music I've created you find instrumental folk tunes, jazz and rock ballads. I also write lyrics, both for my own and others music.

On my record Återvunnet (AWCD-63) you can hear examples of both instrumental tunes and lyrics that I've written. Track no. 13 for example., Jag vill leva mera, is a song that I and pianist Leif Österlund wrote as a contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest during the 90's. It never made it to the Swedish final, but that meant it was free to use for my record!

At the request of the Swedish Church I have written and arranged music for a prayer by Saint Birgitta (Bridget of Sweden). The piece is written for a four-voice choir and congregation, and was published by Gehrmans förlag.

I am also, together with Leif Alpsjö, Anders Liljefors and Mats Andersson, one of the composers of Ärkemässan, a mass with folk music, which we wrote at the request of Upsala Archdiocese. it was published by Verbum, but can nowadays only be found in libraries.

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