I teach nyckelharpa and fiddle, and was educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Besides teaching how to play, individually or in groups, I can also coach folk music groups before recordnings, or direct conserts.

Working with music and dancing together is fun, and together with a dance teacher I can do theme days or half days, even for people who have never taken a singel dance step. Here awareness and communication are central.

A STUDY ABOUT PLAYING THE NYCKELHARPA: A relaxed and efficient playing is my aim as soon as I hold an instrument in my hand. There is a lot written about how to play the violin/fiddle from that aspect, but not about nyckelharpa, for natural reasons. I have, for a number of years, conducted research on that topic with the help of a grant from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. What I have achieved so far can be seen as the first part of a larger project. My study is published on the webpage of the Royal College of Music.

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